Pink Powder



Rangan Chakravarty is an independent director producer who has been working out of Kolkata and Mumbai. He is also involved in voluntary work with particular focus on gender issues. He has directed a number of documentaries on various social issues, including the sex workers’ movement in Kolkata. He has travelled to rural belts across West Bengal to conduct workshops on gender and development with adolescent girls and boys. He is a founding member of Ebong Alap, a voluntary organization that runs regular digital campaigns as well at movements at the grassroots level to support women’s rights.


Self Help Group Promotional Forum (SHGPF) is a statewide network in West Bengal, India. It works on Self Help Group Movement towards sustainable development through empowerment of rural and urban women, especially from deprived, backward and marginalized sections of the society. As a part of this objective, Forum is engaged in documentation of the key issues and challenges faced by women and their organizations that help in understanding and addressing those appropriately.